911 Dejavu

911 Dejavu

Everyone deserves to know the truth.

The world is a massive place with so many areas still unexplored. Together, powerful governments, rich families, and interconnected underground networks, all control the information available to the common people.

Uncover the mysteries the vast universe has to offer, and dive deeper than what mainstream media can provide. Browse through our website to see all the conspiracy theories going on around the world.

Most Popular Theories

The community is getting bigger and better. We now have more than 10 subgroups each focusing on a different theory. Here are the biggest groups:

Flat Earth

We are told that the earth’s shape is spherical. But is it really? Take a look at the discussion within this group to see evidence about the earth’s real shape---flat.

Hollow Earth

Contrary to the opinions of the Flat Earthers, the Hollow Earth Society believes that the earth is hollow and that inside you can find the lost city of Atlantis, the garden of Eden, and more.


People in this group talks about preparing for an impending doom. Learn about stocking food, finding alternative sources of energy, how to create a bunker, and more. They will gladly teach you how!

About Us

John Stacy started 911 Dejavu after he dreamed about two big spires burning after a bird flew through it, at the night of September 10, 2001. Waking up sweating in the middle of the night, he didn’t know what the dream was about, so he just tried to forget about it and went back to sleep. He was mortified to discover the events the next day. After a few days, he decided  to start his own website so that in case he has another foretelling dream, he’ll be able to publish it and warn others about what might happen. He also started connecting with other fellow “future seers” who understand what he’s going through. Now, they’re able to hold monthly meetup events where enthusiasts and other people interested to know more about the secrets of the world can hang out.

We respect the views and opinions of everyone. It doesn’t matter if you disagree, or you believe in the polar opposite, so long as you can be civil and act accordingly towards others.

Join us!

Our upcoming events are as follows: